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"All music comes from God." ~ Johnny Cash

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They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art. ~ Charlie Parker

Music is either good or bad, and it's got to be learned. You got to have balance. ~ Louis Armstrong

Music is a means of rapid transportation. ~ John Cage

If you learn music, you'll learn most all there is to know. ~ Edgar Cayce

All music is important if it comes from the heart. ~ Carlos Santana

Music can change the world. ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven

Thank God I have music to vent my emotions. I’d be in a prison if I didn’t. ~ Paula Cole

I started making music because I could.~ Alanis Morissette

Like Nietzsche, I believe that without music, life would be a mistake. Nothing but silence says it better.~ Linda Ellerbee

There has always been a strong relationship between music and religion. It is because they both plug directly into the heart and can have real power for good or evil. ~ Peter Gabriel

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom or philosophy. ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven

It's very weird to write a song in your apartment and then realize that this random person knows all the words to it. ~ Toby Lightman, USA Today, 4/6/04

I don't find the songs; they find me. I just strum my guitar and wait for a lyric to come. ~ James Taylor, The Pen Commandments

Music is the child of prayer, the companion of religion. ~ François-René de Chateaubriand

The music was thunder and joy. Lightning bolts of happiness and praise, foot-stomping, dance-shouting, good-feeling singing from the soul. ~ Etta James

Every song is like a painting. ~ Dick Dale

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