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"A poem is a meteor." ~ Wallace Stevens

choose love over fear

Writing poetry is meteoric light of self-care. A way to heal and discover, shine and find balance; to give words to intense feelings and to honor those precious to me.

"The poets are almost always wrong about the facts," said William Faulkner. That's because they're not interested in the facts, only the truth."

With poetry, I celebrate the divine magic in the ordinary, I nourish my faith, I express joy in my on-going quest to help others.

"A vein of poetry exists in the hearts of all men," observed philosopher Thomas Carlyle.

I have always called my muse eros because of the depth of passion-- that inner force, the love that the poetry seem to spring from. I believe heart and passion give birth to creativity.

"Poetry," said poet Carolyn Forche, "is the voice of the soul, whispering, celebrating, singing even."

With poetry, I am able to touch on the deep stuff. The spaces allow my pain to breathe and settle. Maybe I am a coward for hiding behind the words. But I think the spaces are where our hearts connect.

Ronald Loved the Ocean
Like the Sweetness of Gardenias
For Moser
The Treasure
e.e. cummings celebration
Everything Precious In Life
Light From Within
Words in a Journal
Hey, That David Gray
Today With Bright Morning
A warm breath
Hurt is a funny thing
A Concentration
My Daddy's Advice
Priest Or Pervert?
Iraq, 2003

Easter Wishes
Ko`olau Tears
Night Surrenders the Sky to the Sun
Another True Chance
9 Years Later
Leftovers Better, Best
Shaping Snow
Little Bit of Aloha
Overwhelming Tenderness
Gray on Clouds
Celebrate and Believe
Cosmic Singularity
One Last Look
Maybe My Love
Waste of Time
Master of Perspective

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