November 14 ~  Less You Talk About Wallflowers

"The less you talk about things, the less dangerous they become." ~ Jakob Dylan

Buy Wallflowers - Group at A man of few words, born in New York, Wallflowers singer/ songwriter Jakob Dylan (1969-) was seven when his parents divorced. About life, Jakob has said, "Nobody's house is heaven. That's what heaven's for."

Like his famous father Bob Dylan, Jakob is an intensely private man. "People think I'm reserved, but I don't like to think out loud," explained Dylan, with the very blue, dazzling eyes. 

With fame, he has tried hard to dodge questions about his dad. Recently, Details magazine reported that the elder Dylan's classic ForeverYoung was written for Jakob. Quite a loving tribute, quite a legacy.

"The truth is, I am very proud of my heritage," Jakob admitted. "The only thing I ask is to be taken at face value."

"How I grew up and whatever it is that makes me who I am are relevant to my songwriting, more relevant that I made it out to be before. Now it's a matter of keeping somethings private while allowing some things to become clear."

In 1996, the Wallflowers hit it big with the $4-million seller Bringing Down The Horse, which featured perennial favorite, One Headlight. The highly-acclaimed rock-n-roll album celebrated the styles of vintage Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.

"You've got to have faith in what you're doing," Dylan said. In the pensive and intimate Breach (2000), he sings: "You're a hand-me-down/It's better when you're not around/You feel good and you look like you should/But you won't ever make us proud."

Whether or not he decides to talk about things, Dylan and the Wallflowers are doing okay. "Everybody has something to overcome. I want to be a great writer. Maybe the thing I have to overcome is this notion of myself," he revealed. 100 Hot CDs In silence there is power.