October 3 ~  I'm a Dork. I'm a Geek Rock Steady

"I think I've been able to fool a lot of people because I know I'm a dork. I'm a geek." ~ Gwen Stefani

With powerful effervescence, No Doubt lead singer/lyricist Gwen Renee Stefani (1969-) proves that music can be a celebration of passionate colors.

"Music is so powerful and it's such a gift," she said. "I feel so excited to give it to everyone."

Born on this day in Fullerton, California, the oh-so-beautiful blonde with charismatic talent and famous bare belly remains grounded after leading her garage band to international fame.

"We were a band for nine years before we had any commercial success," Stefani explained. "And that, in a lot of ways, has kept us really grounded."

The band's sound is an experimental mix of familiar ska with new wave, R&B, and Jamaican beat. Stefani's voice is coo-ingly sweet with a tinge of grr.

No Doubt's breakthrough record, Tragic Kingdom, was released in 1995 and featured the mega-hits Don't Speak and Just a Girl that helped certify the album as mega-plantinum.

"We're definitely a live band and we enjoy playing live," Stefani explained.

On the road nearly non-stop, in 1997, the band made the cover of Rolling Stone. More music--Beacon Street Collection (1997), Return of Saturn (2000), and Rock Steady (2001)--followed.

About the future Stefani has said, "I think that if everything was taken away tomorrow, if they dropped the tour and everyone hated us, I'd still be fulfilled. Because I can honestly say I never expected us to get this far."

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