Favorite Quotations ~† Bruce Springsteen, 3 Springsteen

"Iíve always prided myself on being able to deliver." ~ Bruce Springsteen

When your children are born, you are reborn.

When I was young, I truly didnít think music had any limitations. I thought it could give you everything you wanted in life. But you eventually get to a point where you realize there are other things you need...things that music canít give you.

Iím gonna go out tonight and find out what Iíve got.

I've always tried to write for my times. The details are important because that's how you get under people's skin.. It's my job to work as a just a little bit of a spark to help you get there.

You write a song just for yourself, but it's no good unless you play it for somebody else. That's the connection between people that is forever lasting and can never be broken apart. 

Remember, in the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins.

Sitting on the sidelines would be a betrayal of the ideas I'd written about for a long time. Rolling Stone, 9/04

The mistake is to start thinking that you are your songs. To me a song is a vision, a flash: I see characters and situations.

I hate to see record stores disappear, and I'm old-school in that I think you should pay for your music. But what my kids do is download a lot of things, pay for them, and then if they love something, they'll get the CD. That may be the future. ~ USA Today, 2/28/08

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