Favorite Celebrations ~  Inventors & Scientists, B.C.-1904 Well-Trained Mind

"Timing is everything." ~ Charles P. Ginsburg

  530 Pythagoras & geometry

1490 Leonardo Da Vinci invents in Codex Leicester.
1498 Michelangelo sculpted Pieta.

1543 Copernicus published De Revolutionibus
1604 Johannes Kepler observed his supernova
1610 Galileo proved sun-centered universe
1628 William Harvey explained blood circulation
1637 Descartes wrote La Géométrie
1642 Blaise Pascal's calculator
1666 Newton's calculus born
1693 Dom Pérignon invented champagne

1705 Edmund Halley predicted his comet
1732 Franklin published Poor Richard's Almanac
1735 Carolus Linnaeus published Systema Naturae
1790 Lavoisier's accurate system of weights and measurements
1799 Alexander von Humboldt begins five-year South and Central American trek.
1774 Joseph Priestley discovers oxygen
1793 Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin

1829 Braille created code for the blind
1844 Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message
1847 Maria Mitchell's comet sighting
1849 Lincoln applies for patent
1854 Pasteur finds fermentation
1856 Borden patents milk condensation
1859 Darwin publishes Origin of Species
1865 Gregor Mendel publishes his research findings on heredity
1872 HMS Challenger w/ Charles W. Thomas aboard
1873 Young Chester Greenwood invents the earmuff
1876 Alexander Graham Bell's telephone
1877 Edison's phonograph
1883 Brooklyn Bridge finished

1891 James Naismith invents basketball.
1891 George Ellery Hale invents the spectroheliograph
1894 George Washington Carver graduates
1895 Roentgen discovers X-rays.
1896 Alfred Nobel gives $9 million for annual Prizes
1898 Caleb Bradham invents Pepsi

1900 Holland sells first submarine to US Navy
1901 Marconi transmits radio waves across Atlantic
1901 Alfred Nobel's first prizes awarded
1903 Marie Curie becomes first woman to win Nobel Prize
1903 Wright Brothers fly at Kitty Hawk
1903 Harley-Davidson prototype finished.
1904 Pavlov given Nobel Prize for digestion research

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