Favorite Celebrations ~  Inventors & Scientists, 1905-Present Girls Think of Everything

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." ~ Albert Einstein

1905 Albert Einstein's miracle year
1908 Henry Ford releases Model T
1911 Elizabeth Kenny treats first child with polio

1912 Kettering invents ignition system
1921 Frederick Banting and Charles H. Best discovered insulin
1922 Niels Bohr wins Nobel for atom structure theory

1924 Birdseye Seafoods, Inc founded
1928 Margaret Mead publishes Coming of Age in Samoa
1928 Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin
1929 Eijkman's Nobel for beriberi cure
1930 Ruth Graves Wakefield's Toll House cookies

1932 Heisenberg wins Nobel Prize
1932 Michael DeBakey invents heart pump
1937 Golden Gate Bridge opened
1937 Szent-Gyorgyi's biological combustion

1940 Soichiro Honda sells piston ring to Toyota
1945 Oppenheimer's Los Alamos atomic bomb test
1947 Edwin Land invents polaroid camera

1952 Gibson makes Les Paul solid body electric guitar
1953 Jonas Salk discovers polio vaccine
1954 Linus Pauling wins Nobel Prize
1954 R. Buckminster Fuller patents geodesic dome
1955 Disneyland opens
1956 Ginsburg's broadcast-quality videotape recorder

1957 Grace Hopper creates Flow-Matic compiler
1958 Clarence Lillehei creates the world's first battery-powered pacemaker
1959 Ruth Handler and the Mattel Company introduce Barbie
1963 William Lear jet makes first flight
1964 Ford Mustang unveiled
1965 Stephanie Kwolek discovers KevlarŪ

1977 E.Donnall Thomas bone marrow transplantation
1977 Raymond V. Damadian performs first MRI scan

1980 Carl Sagan's 13-part PBS series Cosmos airs
1982 Oliver Sacks writes Awakenings
1982 Vietnam War Memorial unveiled
1988 Gertrude Elion awarded Nobel Prize
1988 Stephen Hawking writes A Brief History of Time
1991 Tim Berners-Lee creates first website.

2000 Lee Iacocca's electric bike
2000 Honda Insight, Electric Car
2002 Hubble Space Telescope