July 3 ~  Human Contact Big Band Reader

"My intention always has been to arrive at human contact without enforcing authority. A musician, after all, is not a military officer. What matters most is human contact. The great mystery of music-making requires real friendship among those who work together. Every member of the orchestra knows I am with him or her in my heart." ~ Carlo Maria Giulini

Schubert's Allegro

A man who made music by following his heart, Carlo Maria Giulini (1914-2005), was born in Barletta, Italy.

As the former conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra (1978-1984), the maestro understood the importance of human contact, friendship, and working with love.

Once you realized that music was more than just technique and getting things "right," Giulini said, "comes this mysterious thing that is the life of the music."

The power of synergism, working together with others, releases magic. Power flows from sharing thoughts and learning from each other, taking an idea and building and growing it. Just as each instrument in an orchestra matters to the concerto, each person matters.

"Teamwork is the essence of life," advised a wise Japanese Proverb.

We are all different, with different ideas and unique visions. Our diversity is a celebration! Together, with hearts connected, our differences help us to share, see, build something meaningful and remarkable.

"The impossible is possible when people align with you. When you do things with people, not against them the amazing resources of the Higher Self within are mobilized." said writer Gita Bellin.

Human contact is what matters most...in music and life.