May 28 ~  Baby Steps Kylie: LA LA LA

"I'm taking it slowly. You know, baby steps. We're taking one baby step at a time." ~ Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Australia's pop star Kylie Ann Minogue (1968-) was born on this day in Melbourne. She began singing professionally with her younger sister, Dannii and began acting in TV at age 12 in the children's series Skyways.

"When I was eight, my pals and I went up to my bedroom, put on our party frocks and mimed to ABBA records using broom handles as microphones," she said.

Her career took off in 1986 with her "girl next door" role as Charlene Mitchell on the popular Aussie series Neighbours.

Her first single, Locomotion (1987), topped Australia's charts. Her next, I Should Be So Lucky (1988) transformed her into an international sensation. She added films to her resume with roles in The Delinquents (1989), Street Fighter (1994), and Bio-Dome (1996).

She once said: "I'm so used to confronting the pigeon holes... I've battled against that for such a long time, and quite successfully."

With the new millennium, Kylie continued to impress--whether with gold hotpants in the Spinning Around video or dressed in feathers to open the Sydney Olympics.

Her live performances are spectacular, part Vegas extravaganza, part sci-fi adventure. With flamboyant longevity as an artist, Minogue has managed to evolve, reinvent herself, and stay on top for decades.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005, she emerged from treatment with cropped hair, her huge trademark smile, and renewed strength--not to mention new music, her own lingerie line, Kylie doll, perfume, and a children's book.

"I have reminders of my cancer every day," she said in 2012. "You just have to adapt and do things slightly differently... just deal with it and move on."

She tweeted in 2015: "Super love to all the wonderful people who enrich my life! Thank you for everything! Love you!"

Take it Easy. Savor each step.