February 17 ~† Prayer Is Prayer, Kindle

"Prayer is less about changing the world than it is about changing ourselves." ~ David J. Wolpe

Thank you, Richard

Why do I pray?

Because daily prayer is a celebration of what I have. Commitment, reflection, attention. A thank you.

Thus, prayer, Daily Celebrations, and my sunrise blog go hand in hand in hand. I spend each morning in prayer, surrounded by beauty, as I wait for the sun to rise.

Russian author Leo Tolstoy called prayer "an invisible tool which is wielded in a visible world."

My praying is not quite a petitioning, but more a way of becoming more spiritual, more patient, more loving. Praying helps me to become the person I wish to be.

"Prayer," said metaphysics teacher Neville Goddard, "is psychological movement. It is the art of moving from a problem to its solution."

Prayer is personal... Profound... Passionate...

The act of praying makes me a better person. Prayer makes me love more, be softer, happier, stronger. My altar is my computer, my back deck, the bath tub, my car. I find that Nature propels my words higher and better.

Everything comes together in perfect rhythm. I pray silently and aloud. I sing and dance my prayers. My faith is transformed by child-like trust into magic.

Celebrated singer Marian Anderson once said, "Prayer begins where human capacity ends."

I canít quite explain how wonderful I feel when I pray. I just do.

With each prayer, I change the world.