Favorite Quotations ~  Youth, 2 He's Just Not That Into You

"A young girl's heart is indestructible." ~ Esther Hautzig, Endless Stepper


Youth is wasted on the young. ~ George Bernard Shaw

A youth with his first cigar makes himself sick; a youth with his first girl makes everybody sick. ~ Mary Wilson Little

Youth, though it may lack knowledge, is certainly not devoid of intelligence; it sees through shams with sharp and terrible eyes. ~ H. L. Mencken

About loving, I have little to learn from the young. ~ May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude

Youth, I loved you; those loveliest years. ~ Sophie de las Briche Houdetot

That’s what being young is all about. You have the courage and the daring to think that you can make a difference. You’re not prone to measure your energies in time. You’re not likely to live by equations. ~ Ruby Dee

Youth is, after all, just a moment, but it is the moment, the spark that you always carry in your heart. ~ Raisa M. Gorbachev

It is not possible for civilization to flow backwards while there is youth in the world. Youth may be headstrong, but it will advance its allotted length. ~ Helen Keller, Midstream

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