Time Top 100 ~ 2005 Viva la Repartee

"If I had to sum up the difference between last year and this year, Id say the 2005 list is more about moral influence than political power." ~ Jim Kelly

The editors of TIME Magazine name the world's 100 most influential men and women of 2005. The list included:

Leaders And Revolutionaries
George Bush
Condoleezza Rice
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
Bill Frist
Donald Rumsfeld
Mark Malloch Brown
Gordon Brown
Ali Husaini Sistani
Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi
Hu Jintao
Kim Jong Il

Manmohan Singh
Thabo Mbeki
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Mahmoud Abbas
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Ariel Sharon
Javier Solana
John Howard
Chen Shui-bian
Hugo Chavez

Artists and Entertainers
Clint Eastwood
Michael Moore
Hilary Swank
Quentin Tarantino
Dan Brown
Dave Eggers
Marc Cherry
John Elderfield
Kanye West
Jon Stewart
Alicia Keys
Jamie Foxx
Johnny Depp
Art Spiegelman
The Halo Trinity
Ann Coulter
Hayao Miyazaki
Ziyi Zhang
Miuccia Prada
Marc Newson
Santiago Calatrava
Alice Munro
Cornelia Funke

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