Favorite Quotations ~  Singing, 2 Complete Handbook of Voice Training

"I’d rather not sing than sing quiet." ~ Janis Joplin

The total person sings not just the vocal chords. ~ Esther Broner

The only thing better than singing is more singing. ~ Ella Fitzgerald

Even if you can’t sing well, sing. Sing to yourself. Sing in the privacy of your own home. But sing. ~ Rebbe Nachman

Every child, woman, and man should possess license to speak or sing in his or her true voice. ~ Joyce Maynard, At Home in the World

The singing that comes from your heart will echo in the ear of your son and live on in your people. ~ The Dausi, Soninke (Sudan)

I never pretended to have a great voice. It works and I can carry a tune. If you have a good song, that's about all that's required. ~ Willie Nelson, NY Times, 1995

Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway. ~ Emory Austin

We sing because we're happy and happy because we sing. ~ Denis Waitley

He who sings scares away his woes. ~ Miguel de Cervantes

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