Favorite Quotations ~  Healing, 3 The Instruction

"Time will bring healing." ~ Euripides

Thank you, Richard

All things grow with time--except grief. ~ Jewish Proverb

The last place we tend to look for healing is within ourselves. ~ Wayne Muller

Florida is a very healing place. ~ Burt Reynolds

During difficult times, we all do different things to help us heal. I found that in my own life, during my darkest, worst days, my therapy was to bake. ~ Ellen Rose, Better Homes & Gardens, 4/04

"Healing," Papa would tell me, "is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing Nature." ~ W. H. Auden

I can go right through you and tell you just exactly where it is. When I look at you I know all about you. You don't have to tell me about yourself. It's written on your countenance. All your muscles and your bones reflect your countenance, how you work with your body. ~ Margaret Machado, Voices of Wisdom Hawaiian Elders Speak

The main reason for healing is love. ~ Paracelsus

The best of healers is good cheer. ~ Pindar

When we need these healing times, there is nothing better than a good long walk. It is amazing how the rhythmic movements of the feet and legs are so intimately attached to cobweb cleaners in the brain. ~ Anne Wilson Schaef

I learned that healing and cure are active processes in which I myself needed to participate. ~ Rollo May

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