Favorite Quotations ~ Energy, 2 Five Dysfunctions of a Team

"The only thing that keeps a man going is energy. And what is energy by liking life?" ~ Louis Auchinocloss

hope and invention

Energy will do anything that can be done in the world; and no talents, no circumstances, no opportunities will make a two-legged animal a man without it. ~ Johann von Goethe

Do not distort or waste your ki. There's no time for anxiety or neurosis. Instead, replenish the ki that you have squandered. ~ William Reed, A Road That Anyone Can Walk: Ki

I create my own calm and I keep my balance, because I know that it's not really me, by myself... The Creator always gives me the energy. ~ Erykah Badu, Essence, 8/97

Life begets energy. Energy creates energy. It is only by spending oneself wisely that one becomes rich in life. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Make it a point to be around those with positive energy--people who want what's best for you, people who understand your goals and priorities. ~ Rebecca Lobo

Don't waste your energy on the ugly. Save it for the beautiful. ~ Harold Arlen

The difference between one man and another is not mere ability… it is energy. ~ Thomas Arnold

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