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"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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Live your life each day, as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. ~ Harold B. Melchart

I have simply tried to do what seemed best each day, as each day came. ~ Abraham Lincoln

I live a day at a time. Each day I look for a kernel of excitement. In the morning, I say: 'What is my exciting thing for today?' Then, I do the day. Don't ask me about tomorrow. ~ Barbara Jordan

Live each day as if your life had just begun. ~ Johann von Goethe

We should live each day with a gentleness, a vigor, and a keenness of appreciation which are often lost when time stretches before us in the constant panorama of more days and months and years to come. ~ Helen Keller

To affect the quality of the day is the highest of all arts. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Divine fires do not blaze each day, but an artist functions in their afterglow hoping for their recurrence. ~ Ned Rorem

Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Explore daily the will of God. ~ Carl Jung

Make each day your masterpiece. You have control over that. ~ John Wooden

Each day, and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which discipline and order are relieved with some play and some pure foolishness. ~ May Sarton

We can change in one day. We can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in one day. ~ Gayle Forman, Just One Day

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