Favorite Quotations ~  Dreams, 5 Dream Journal: Notebook of Visions

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives." ~ Charles W. Dement

Peek-a-Boo Mouse

When you stop having dreams and ideals--well, you might as well stop altogether. ~ Marian Anderson

As long as we dare to dream and don't get in the way of ourselves, anything is possible--there's truly no end to where our dreams can take us. ~ Hilary Swank, O, 9/01

Though dreams can be deceiving, like faces are to hearts, they serve for sweet relieving, when fantasy and reality lie too far apart. ~ Fiona Apple

Everyone's got to have a dream... It's not reaching your dream that counts. It's going toward them. ~ Cher

A dreamer--you know--it's a mind that looks over the edges of things. ~ Mary O'Hara

People grow old by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up wrinkles the soul. ~ Douglas MacArthur

Dreams grow holy put into action. ~ Adelaide Procter

Dreams--a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul. ~ Erich Fromm

How can you be certain that your whole life is not a dream? ~ René Descartes

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. ~ Marsha Norman

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