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"Fundamentally, diaries are about loneliness." ~ Kenneth Williams

My Portrait by Richard Barlett

Yes, there is no doubt that paper is patient and as I don't intend to show this cardboard-covered notebook, bearing the proud name of "diary," to anyone, unless I find a real friend, boy or girl, probably nobody cares. And now I come to the root of the matter, the reason for my starting a diary: it is that I have no such real friend. ~ Anne Frank

A diary need not be a dreary chronicle of one's movements; it should aim rather at giving salient account of some particular episode, a walk, a book, a conversation. ~ A.C. Benson

A writer uses a journal to try out the new step in front of the mirror. ~ Mary Gordon

Your journal is a way of returning to experiences in reflection. In reading through your journal at a later time, you can find new meaning in your descriptions, connecting images and memories into more coherent, illuminating structures. ~ Margot Lasher

Journalling helps you grow, and flow. It helps you get in touch with who you really are...your essence. It helps put you in touch with the Dreamer in you. It nourishes your Dreamer. Journalling provides clarity, discovery, and authentic expression. ~ Susan Castle

The opening line from a journal can be the beginning of a song. ~ Judy Collins

Pale ink is better than the most retentive memory. ~ Harvey B. Mackay

The diary taught me that it is in the moments of emotional crisis that human beings reveal themselves most accurately. I learned to choose the heightened moments because they are the moments of revelation." ~ Anais Nin

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~ William Wordsworth

I feel happy to be keeping a journal again. I’ve missed it, missed naming things as they appear, missed the half hour when I push all duties aside and savor the experience of being alive in this beautiful place. ~ May Sarton, At 82: A Journal

It's the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have time. ~ Tallulah Bankhead

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