Favorite Quotations ~† Crying & Tears Crying: A Natural and Cultural History of Tears

"Crying is one of the highest devotional songs. One who knows crying, knows spiritual practice. If you can cry with a pure heart, nothing else compares to such a prayer. Crying includes all the principles of yoga." ~ Swami Kripalu

Creation of Adam

All mankind is crying out for guidance, for comfort, for peace. ~ Billy Graham

The body is a house of many windows: there we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers by to come and love us. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Laughter or crying is what a human being does when thereís nothing else he can do. ~ Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

There is no sense in crying over spilt milk. Why bewail what is done and cannot be recalled? ~ Sophocles

I cry every chance I get. ~ Richard Gere

Any man who doesn't cry scares me a little bit. ~ H. Norman Schwarzkopf

There is nothing quite so satisfying, and so healing, as a good cry. ~ Leo Buscaglia

We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry. ~ John Webster

The main thing in one's own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry. ~ Maya Angelou

A hearty laugh gives one a dry cleaning, while a good cry is a wet wash. ~ Puzant Kevork Thomajan

Are all men in disguise except those crying? ~ Dannie Abse

"Can't repeat the past?" he cried incredulously. "Why of course you can." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Beware of men who cry. It's true that men who cry are sensitive to and in touch with feelings, but the only feelings they tend to be sensitive to and in touch with are their own. ~ Nora Ephron

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