Favorite Quotations ~  Accidents Now, Discover Your Strengths

"Everything good that happened to me happened by accident." ~ Jack Benny, Sunday Nights at Seven

Walden Pond

I have discovered that the unasked-for accident can be the salvation of what you are doing. ~ Stephen De Staebler

The artist need not know very much; best of all let him work instinctively and paint as naturally as he breathes or walks. ~ Emil Nolde

A series of accidents creates a positively light-hearted state, out of consideration for this strange power. ~ Jean Baudrillard

All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen. ~ Sidney Lumet

All painting is an accident. But it's also not an accident, because one must select what part of the accident one chooses to preserve. ~ Francis Bacon

You need accidents, otherwise it is fake. ~ Sotirios Kotoulas

Half of art is accident, but there is no accident without free experiment. ~ Ralph Steadman

I don't use the accident. I deny the accident. ~ Jackson Pollock

We never learned how to solve problems, create effects, get concrete results. So we hope for, and rely on fortuitous accidents. What we do by accident we call creative. ~ Brian Knowles

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, But beautiful old people are works of art. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Accidents, try to change them--it's impossible. The accidental reveals man. ~Pablo Picasso

A good style should show no sign of effort. What is written should seem a happy accident. ~ W. Somerset Maugham

Change should be a friend. It should happen by plan, not by accident. ~ Philip Crosby

If you do something once, people will call it an accident. If you do it twice, they call it a coincidence. But do it a third time and you've just proven a natural law. ~ Grace Murray Hopper