Favorite Celebrations ~  16th - 18th Century Michelangelo Life Drawings

"There is nothing so great that I fear to do it for my friend. Nothing so small that I will disdain to do it for him." ~ Philip Sidney

The 16th Century was the Age of Exploration and Reformation. During the 17th Century, worldwide commerce exploded.

1504 David sculpted by Michelangelo
1513 Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince
1520 Martin Luther excommunicated

Martin Luther
1523 St. Ignatius Loyola develops Spiritual Exercises
1535 Thomas More executed
1555 Nostradamus wrote Centuries
1555 St. Teresa of Avila experienced religious awakening
1579 Philip Sidney wrote Defence of Poesie

1601 Baltasar Gracián born
1602 Cervantes wrote Don Quijote
1605 Shakespeare completed Macbeth
1605 Francis Bacon wrote Advancement of Learning
1611 John Donne wrote Valediction: Forbidding Mourning

1628 William Harvey explained blood circulation
1633 Galileo Galilei recants his discovery that the earth orbits the sun
1642 Blaise Pascal invents calculator
1643 Taj Mahal completed
1644 Descartes produced The Principles of Philosophy
1645 Oliver Cromwell given the title Lord Protector
1656 Benedict de Spinoza excommunicated
1660 Christopher Wren founded the Royal Society
1666 Moličre finishes Misanthrope

1667 John Milton finishes Paradise Lost
1679 Edmund Halley cataloged the southern stars
1682 Pennsylvania founded by William Penn
1685 Johann Sebastian Bach born
1687 Isaac Newton's three laws of motion
1689 Matsuo Basho travels The Narrow Road to the Deep North
1690 John Locke finished Human Understanding
1690 Publick Occurrences published
1693 Dom Pérignon invented
1693 William Congreve wrote The Old Bachelor
1714 Alexander Pope wrote The Rape of the Lock

1735 Carolus Linnaeus published Systema Naturae
1742 George Frideric Handel composed Messiah
1746 Denis Diderot wrote Pensees philosophiques
1758 Voltaire gave the world Candide

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