December 17 ~  More Spirit of Christmas

"Less is more." ~ Robert Browning

'Tis the season for Master Card and Visa, American Express and Discover. Deck the halls with spending overkill and stress at the Malls. Certainly Santa is a busy guy, but here's a gentle reminder: Try moderation and remember the true meaning of Christmas is the spirit of love.

"True happiness," said German lyrical poet Johann von Goethe, "springs from moderation."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if for the next 12 months, instead of paying monthly finance charges, you paid your loved ones more attention and love? The dividends are priceless.

"A little wind kindles," wrote George Herbert about moderation, "much puts out the fire."

Did you know the National Debt, as of December 17, 2003, logged in at $6,939,655,719,520.89 With the population of the U.S. at about 294,000,000, this breaks down to a share of over $23,000 for each citizen.

If you would like to check out how our government spends some of our money, visit It's a revelation in excess.

So when you whip out that credit card at Wal-Mart, stop and check out your shopping selections with the sweet mantra, "less is more." Because it is.

Happiness springs from moderation.