November 14 ~  Cloud High All the Time First Ladies

"Seeing thousands and thousands of people adoring Ike, believing in his leadership, kept me cloud high all the time." ~ Mamie Doud Eisenhower

Mamie Doud Eisenhower A woman who relished her husband's successes, First Lady Marie "Mamie" Geneva Doud Eisenhower (1896-1979) was born on this day in Boone, Iowa and known for her devotion to Ike, trademark bangs, and love for the color pink.

The 5'1" beauty met the strong-jawed Second Lieutenant Dwight Eisenhower in October, 1915. They wed nine months later. "I had a few other beaux, and I wasn't about  to give them up immediately," she said. "But Ike never easily discouraged. He simply out-persisted the competition."

As a nomad army wife, she moved 25 times--seven in one year-- before reaching the White House. She once said, "Oriental rugs were ideal for service people. When you got orders to move, you would pack up all the family pictures and a few odds and ends and roll up the Orientals."

Years later, she recalled her husband's warning, "Mamie, there is one thing you must understand. My country comes first and always will. You come second." During the Presidential campaign, she appeared in her bathroom and curlers on the platform of a 70-stop train ride.

Despite having a heart weakened by childhood rheumatic fever, she played the piano and loved to dance. Radiating warmth and friendliness, Mamie had an infectious smile and described her life in 1952 as being "thankful for the privilege of tagging along by Ike's side." 

What a treasure to be with those you love.