October 19 ~ Careful Climber Women Explorers

"I am afraid if there is anything to be afraid of. A precipice cannot hurt you. Lions and tigers can. The streets of New York I consider more dangerous than the Matterhorn to a thoroughly competent and careful climber." ~ Annie Smith Peck


Fearless mountain climber and writer, Annie Smith Peck (18501935) was born on this day in Providence, Rhode Island. With a master's degree from the University of Michigan, Peck studied in Europe and taught Latin before mountain-climbing beckoned her.

As adversity writer Paul Stoltz once said, "The mountain represents your purpose in life. You... will enjoy the greatest success and satisfaction if you relentlessly pursue your purpose."

Fascinated by the Matterhorn, she climbed it in 1895. Her courage and audacity jolted the popular views of Victorian society. Two years later, she became the first woman to reach the summit of Mexico's Pico de Orizaba. In 1911, upon reaching the 21,834-foot North Summit of Mt. Coropuna in Peru, the adventurer raised a "Votes for Women" pennant.

"For every mountain there is a miracle," observed evangelist Robert Schuller.

The remarkable Peck climbed her last peak at age 82, the 5,363-foot Mt. Madison in New Hampshire. "Nothing to mountaineering, just a little physical endurance, a good deal of brains, lots of practice, and plenty of warm clothing," she said.

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