October 13 ~ Learn From Your Problems Now Life Is Just What You Make It

"Life can be real tough you can either learn from your problems or keep repeating them over and over." ~ Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond

With a smile and talent to light up the world, entertainer Olive Marie Osmond (1959-) was born on this day in Ogden, Utah, the only girl in a family of nine. As part of the wholesome Osmond Family, she made her TV debut at age three on The Andy Williams Show.

"If you're going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now," she said.

At age 13, the self-acknowledged "little bit country" singer soared to No.1 with the country hit Paper Roses. The star of Broadway musicals, concerts, and TV variety and talk shows, in 1983, along with actor John Schneider, she created the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). Osmond has helped raise more than $2 billion for children's hospitals across the country.

"The one thing I have learned... is to be true to the inner core of who you are," she said. "The growth in your life doesn't come from the good things. It comes from the bad things."

The mother of seven children, in 1999 she experienced post-partum depression (PPD) and shared it with the world in her book, Behind the Smile. "More than one in ten new mothers suffer from PPD after childbirth, yet like me, few seek help because of their feelings of shame, guilt, or fear," she said. 

"I'd like to reach out to women and let them know they don't have to be ashamed for feeling the way they do, that there is help, and that there is a light at the end of the PPD tunnel."

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