October 10 ~  Garden Is Our Soul Power of Myth

"Our lives are as a garden and the garden is our soul. We must look to our souls. There we will find the healing that we so desire." ~ Michele O'Donnell

Michele Longo O'Donnell, Living Beyond Disease A celebration of hope and healing, Michele Longo O'Donnell has devoted her life to ending the suffering of disease through spiritual and metabolic healing.

"Our good comes to us by what we see more than what we do," she said. "By what we know deep within us, more than by what we say.

Her book, Of Monkeys and Dragons (2000) and weekly radio show, Living Beyond Disease, empower individuals to take control of their illnesses and heal their lives.

"Our bodies are a reflection of the condition of our souls," she said. "In absolute stillness we realize peace as it flows through our being, bringing life to every part of us."

O'Donnell knows first hand about the power of healing. Her daughter Lara, born premature and oxygen deprived, barely survived and experts predicted she would be severly retarded. Refusing to "own" the diagnosis, O'Donnell looked beyond. "In the midst of such despair and agony," O'Donnell found "a fountain of Life" through prayer and love.

Then the miracle.

At age two, Lara reached up, grabbed a cracker from O'Donnell's hand, put it in her mouth, and smiled. "Lara was healed," O'Donnell explained. Today Lara is a successful attorney. And O'Donnell continues to help others find "freedom from the tyranny of disease."

"That is the principal of LIFE," O'Donnell explained. "No matter how fierce the symptoms, no matter what the picture, no matter how long you have suffered--keep your eyes, your heart, and your hope on the Path of LIFE before you."

Your soul is a garden. Celebrate and harvest!