September 14 ~  Thunderbolt Thinking Thinkertoys (A Handbook of Business Creativity)

"Thunderbolt Thinking is a way of managing your thinking by being alert to how you think, being aware of your brainpower, and being agile in your thinking." ~ Grace McGartland, Thunderbolt Thinking

101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques

For Grace McGartland, her jolt to the brain came when a diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease struck in 1984. That thunderbolt rattled and unstuck her life.

"You don't need a life-threatening experience to get unstuck," she said. "Rearrange your thinking so you can make a transformational shift: the shift from one answer to a multitude of alternatives, from inertia to action, from resisting change to welcoming it."

Thoughts can be reshaped by breaking traditional mind-sets. Visualization is powerful. Legendary singer Ray Charles was blinded by glaucoma at age six. To get through the ordeal he dreamed of fame. "The power of visualization," he said. "Regardless how bad things got on the outside, I kept a clear picture in my head... I saw myself as a recording star."

McGartland's plan for success has five-steps:

1. Expand perspectives... look at options and alternatives.

2. Rachet up brainpower... pull together resources, tap potential sources.

4. Master the conversation... keep talking about possibilities. Blue sky the discussion. Share. Innovate.

5. Be a catalyst... help unstick others, help liberate brainpower. Stimulate change.

"All Thunderbolt Thinkers have spirit," said McGartland. "Flexibility. Awareness. Courage. Humor. Action... Become a barrier blaster and a bridge builder. Do it now!"

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