June 24 ~  Really Knows Herself Does This Make Me Look Fat

"The beautiful woman is the one who really knows herself--her face, her body, everything-- and she makes the most of everything she's got." ~ Eileen Ford

Eileen FordA woman with an eye for beauty, world renown model agency executive Eileen Ford was born Eileen Otte (1922-) in New York City and discovered some of the world's most beautiful women-- Sharon Stone, Lauren Hutton, Christy Turlington, Brooke Shields, Jane Fonda, Jean Shrimpton, and many more.

"There are two words in the modeling industry," she explained. "Bones and body, body and bones." Ford traditionally looked for models with straight noses, wide-set eyes, and a long necks.

"The most important thing is to express a keen and genuine interest in the people you're speaking with," the fashion guru explained. "I'm crazy about fashion, that's all. My soul is devoted to it. I love to see changes in makeup and hair. Fashion changes all the time."

Along with her husband Jerry, she established the Ford Modeling Agency in 1946. Together they set high standards for their models and were the first to take a 20% commission for each assignment-- 10% from the model, 10% from the client.

"Eileen was the first to start everything that was helpful to models and their agents," praised insider Nina Blanchard. "That was really groundbreaking. People sat back and waited to see. If she did it, you'd almost go ahead with it."

Today thousands dream of being the few selected to join Ford's prestigious agency.  Ford once said. "A girl who doesn't see herself with a potential of being beautiful can't be a model. The true basis of the successful model is that she believes."

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