May 14 ~  If the Air Is Cluttered Love, Medicine, Miracles

"Creativity is a gift. It doesn’t come through if the air is cluttered."  ~ John Lennon

Baby on Shoulder

We all have clutter in our lives. Take time today to toss out some of the junk. Free up closet and drawer space by getting a box of clothes ready to donate to charity. Clean up your office files. Follow the good old F-A-T system: file, act, or toss.

As the poet Alexander Pope once said, "Order is heaven's first law."

Come on, you can do it. Close your eyes and dump. I will if you will. Get rid of those items you plan to use "some day." You will feel so much better and lighter! And you may find some buried treasure, some precious "lost" heirloom, hidden under all the clutter.

"Art is order," wrote Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow, "made out of the chaos of life."

In her book, Lighten Up!: Free Yourself from Clutter, consultant Michelle Passoff explained that once you tackle clutter, "Life is more effective and productive and spontaneous and creative. You have more peace of mind, and you'll be looking for the clutter rather than avoiding it."

As Albert Einstein's Three Rules of Work stated, "Number one: out of clutter, find simplicity. Number two: From discord, find harmony. And number three: In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Clean for Creative Transformation!