May 7 ~  Made Without Inconvenience Right Words at the Right Time

"Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better." ~ Richard Hooker

Seattle's Kingdome

In April 2000, in an implosion that lasted 16.8 seconds, Seattle's Kingdome, the world's largest concrete dome structure, was demolished with 22 miles of detonation cord and 5,900 gelatin dynamite explosives.

It took months to clean the rubble. CNN writer Jack Hamann described the cloud of concrete fragments barreling straight into the heart of downtown as "looking ever so much like the explosion of Mount Saint Helens."

As business advisor Karen Bredfeldt once put it, "Change is disruptive-- that's the point!"

The 24-year-old landmark was replaced by the open-air Qwest Field football and soccer stadium, part of an ambitious construction boom in the city. The new 67,000 seat Seahawk home was financed with public funds and from Seahawks owner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The Kingdome was built in 1976 for $67 million. Over the years it had been dubbed "the mushroom" and "concrete cupcake." Fans complained that it was too small for football and too large for baseball.

Calling it "aesthetically challenged," Seattle historian Walt Crowley said, "The Kingdome was a victim of its main virtue: utilitarianism. It was such a basic, unadorned place for sports. I don't know anyone who is sad to see it go."

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