April 12 ~ Neatly In Between Right Words at the Right Time

"Fine art and pizza delivery: what we do falls neatly in between." ~ David Letterman

dave letterman

Ten Reasons to celebrate American late night television's David Letterman today:

9. He survived NBC's Late Night from 19821993; CBS Late Show since 1993 and is "still irreverent and funnier than ever."

8. His show has won enough Emmy Awards to fill the seats of a NYC cab. (Not bad for a kid who started in the 1970s as a weatherman for a local Indiana station.)

7. He's a tall feller--6'2"...and it "ain't easy" being what he once facitiously called himself: "the funniest man in America."

6. A former partier, he's been sober for years. Those bottles of vodka he swigs on television are props, boys and girls.

5. His Top Ten Lists, Stupid Pet and Human Tricks, Will It Float, CBS mailbag, & more...

4. In 2011, he received the "Johnny Carson Award for Comedic Excellence" at the inaugural Comedy Awards.

3. His heart is ticking better than ever!

2. He is... Dave! And, Anton, a drum roll...

celebrate life and loveThe Number One Reason to Celebrate: Today is Dave's birthday!