April 10 ~  It Was Magic Double Fantasy

"The Beatles seemed to have telepathy. Without thinking, we'd all be up or bringing it down--together. It was magic. I've never had anything like that before or since." ~ Paul McCartney

All the Best

The magical Beatles, the most popular singing group of all time, emerged from the poor side of Liverpool to break world records for music sales and revolutionize popular music with the most famous songs of the 20th century.

On this day in 1970, Paul McCartney announced the official breakup of the foursome; McCartney's first solo album appeared in the stores a week later, about a month before the release of Let It Be, the last Beatles studio LP.

About the breakup, John Lennon explained, "It takes a lot to live with four people over and over for years and years, which is what we did."

Beyond the media's spin on girl friends and jealousies, at the crux of the breakup were the different music styles of Lennon and McCartney. Sir Paul, the talented singer and bassist, preferred popular melodies with sophisticated choral work.

At the time of the breakup, he was disinterested in world affairs. The outspoken Lennon on the other hand, celebrated Rock and Roll's hard sound. He was a social activist who wanted his music to change the world.

Two different styles, two different philosophies. That's all. And the breakup changed the course of music history. Any hope of a reunion were dashed with the death of Lennon in 1980.

"I felt with us four it was magical and it was telepathy," recalled Ringo Starr.

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