April 6 ~  Healthy Person Total Health Makeover

"Health is not just about weight or appearance, but rather a much bigger picture. I really believe that you can't be a healthy person unless everything is working together." ~ Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner An inspiration of good health and positive life style, actress Marilu Henner (1952-) was born Mary Lucy Denise Pudlowski on this day in Chicago, Illinois.

"I was always going to be an actress," she said. Her first break came in 1972 as Martie with the touring company of Grease with John Travolta.

About her success, she said, "I always feel like someone up there is watching me."

The beautiful actress rose to television fame as Elaine Nardo on Taxi ( 1978-83) and Ava Evans Newton on Evening Shade (1990-94).

"Everything is connected to everything," she philosophized about life.

In recent years, the upbeat Henner has become the best-selling author of self-help books on health, parenting, and beauty. Her B.E.S.T. plan celebrated a lifestyle focused on Balance, Energy, Stamina, and the use of only Toxin-free foods and products.

She believes everyone's diet should eliminate dairy products ("bovine slime"), caffeine, refined sugar ("kiddy cocaine"), red meat, pork, and artificial ingredients.

"Once I gave up dairy products my skin, my weight, and my digestion completely changed," she explained, greatly influenced by the early deaths of her parents because of their improper diet and lifestyle. "I wanted to help myself and members of my family so my parents' deaths wouldn't be in vain."

"After 19 years of experimenting, a thousand mistakes, over 400 books, at least 200 bad diets... and a partridge in a pear tree, I have found what I believe are the best answers this planet has to offer about living a healthy, happy, and balanced life," said the beautiful advocate for health.

Celebrate PassionWork toward health.