March 13 ~ Always Having An Answer Larry King books

"Always having an answer isn't a good thing. Sometimes, you just gotta say 'I don't know.'" ~ Larry King

Larry King Live on CNN

Television and radio talk show host Larry King has been called "the master of the mike" by Time magazine and a "conversational genius" by People. On this day in 1983, his show Larry King Live premiered on CNN.

"The most important invention of the twentieth century wasn't the cure for polio or the Wright brothers' flight or unleaded gasoline or talk shows. It was the remote control," said King, who is nonstop energy and the author of over 10 books.

Born Lawrence Ziegler, King (1933-) was "a poor kid from Brooklyn," who began broadcasting on radio in 1957. In 2007, King celebrated 50 years on the air and 50,000 interviews. Mr. King has had a remarkable career.

"I never want to give up my TV show. If God forbid I ever became president, Id keep right on doing Larry King Live from the White House," he once said.

From its inception, Larry King Live was often CNN's number one show. The popular Open Phone America allowed listeners to phone in and ask questions of King's guests.

"It's good to be the King," he joked.

Following his heart attack and successful bypass surgery, the broadcaster established the Larry King Cardiac Foundation in 1988 to help patients who need, but cannot afford, cardiac treatment. The powerhouse organization continues to save lives.

"I do my show and I talk to famous people, but nothing, nothing compares to the feeling I get when I call someone up and tell them we're going to help give them the operation they need," King said in a USA Today interview. "It's truly the favorite thing that I do."

After 25 years on CNN, King was replaced by Piers Morgan in 2011. Morgan's low-rated show was cancelled in early 2014.

"The ageless Larry King" co-founded Ora TV in 2012 and began a new web talkshow, Larry King Now. He said in 2017 he would never retire and expects to host his programs until death.

Just say, "I don't know" if you don't know.