February 22 ~  Maximum Fascination Celebrity Feuds

"One of my mottos is flaunt what you've got left." ~ Cybill Shepherd

Cybil Shepard

A woman known for her boldness and passion, actress Cybill Shepherd (1950-) was born in Memphis,Tennessee. A teenage beauty queen, cover girl, and supermodel, she was 21 when director Peter Bogdanovich snatched her for his movie, The Last Picture Show (1971).

"I had been 57 different kinds of disobedient," the brassy actress said in her witty autobiography Cybill Disobedience.

Shepherd wooed critics and fans with other film roles, including The Heartbreak Kid (1972) and Taxi Driver (1976, w/Martin Scorsese, and Robert De Niro). She became a television sensation as Maddie Hayes in the romantic comedy Moonlighting (1985-1989, w/Bruce Willis) and her follow-up hit, Cybill (1995-1998).

"We have to keep trying things we're not sure we can pull off. If we just do the things we know we can do... you don't grow as much," said the four-time Golden Globe winner. "You gotta take those chances on making those big mistakes."

An advocate for feminine midlife power, she turns her nose up at critics and continues to celebrate being a "big, brassy blonde" who loves to sing. She performs on stage, takes auditions, improves on her cabaret show, and hankers for another TV show. She is gutsy.

Not only has she admitted to having hot flashes, she called them "power surges" and said she was ready "for my Shelley Winters parts now... I have less vanity than you can imagine."

On aging, the star reflected, "It is not easy, but it is also another exciting stage. It can be explored. You can learn from it."

"I've got to take chances and get out there," she said in a 2008 interview. "What are you going to do, sit home and knit? I don't knit."

TelevisionYou've got a lot: flaunt it.