January 20 ~  Red She Said Red

"When in doubt, wear red." ~ Bill Blass

Daily CelebrationsYes, I love the color red. And I am not alone.

"I love red so much," said artist Alexander Calder, "I almost want to paint everything red."

More than just a primary color, red is bold, powerful, passionate. A beacon of strong feelings. Love and devotion. It's the color First Lady Laura Bush chose to wear for the 2001 Presidential inaugural ball.

"Red is associated with assertiveness, courage, passion, sexuality and willpower," explained writer Dorothy Randall Gray. "Red keeps us alert, enhances activity energizes the body and encourages self-confidence."

Communism or revolution, red evokes change, danger: Stop, look, listen. Red. Symbolizing sincerity, bravery, good fortune, and happiness. Strawberries. Tomatoes. Ruby and garnet. Lava... poppies... hearts... Life!

"For (people who love) red, winning isn't everything, it's the only thing," observed psychologist Taylor Hartman. (I seem to remember Vince Lombardi saying that as well.) Reds seek power, dislike being told what to do (ouch), and are competitive, bold, and tenacious.

Hartman said personalities who appear to have red characteristics are Hillary Clinton, Billy Graham, and Madonna.  Visionaries and leaders.

"Red stirs the senses and passions," claimed writer Dr. Morton Walker. According to medical intuitive Carol Ritberger, people who love red "are the backbone of society... masters of managing the everyday realities of life."


My SPIN on Other Stuff

Go for the red hot passion.