January 13 ~  Tide Is Turning Power of Myth

"As Gandalf, the wise magician The Lord of the Rings said, although the storm is coming, the tide is turning. Just as there can be no courage without fear, hope arises in the face of hopelessness." ~ Paul Hawken

With optimism for the future, environmentalist Paul Hawken (1947-) has studied the balance between industry and the environment.

"I believe in rain, in odd miracles, in the intelligence that allows terns and swallows to find their way across Earth," he said.

In a celebration of restoration, Hawken predicted that civilization was on the brink of creating a new world because the old world is no longer valid.

"Self-sufficiency is a human right," he explained. "We are capable of creating a remarkable future for humankind."

The successful author and businessman founded Erewhon Trading Company, a natural foods wholesaler and Smith and Hawken, a mail-order gardening-supply company. His 1983 best-seller, Growing a Business, urged the world to create long-term competitive business strategies.

Hawken said he sees every negative trend or statistic as a possibility for transformation. In 50 years, with shared global understanding, it would be possible for the world to unite and be "wonderfully messy and deliriously creative."

Celebrate Life and LoveBelieve in the hope of tomorrow.