January 11 ~  Satisfaction Tattoo You

"I'd rather die than be 45 and still singing Satisfaction." ~ Mick Jagger

mick jagger

Well past age 45, Rolling Stone lead singer Mick Jagger (1943-) is not dead and continues to sing (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. Good thing. A 1999 VH-1 poll of 700 people in the music industry named Satisfaction as the greatest rock song of all time.

An anthem to unrest and frustration released in 1965, Jagger's interpretation is quite special to generations of fans.

In a 1968 Rolling Stone magazine interview he revealed, "(Bob) Dylan once said, 'I could have written Satisfaction, but you couldn't have written Tamborine Man.' It's true, but I'd like to hear Bob Dylan sing, 'I can't get no satisfaction.'"

Satisfaction has a memorable guitar riff that Stones guitarist Keith Richards claimed he wrote while asleep. "I'm not too good at pulling strings," Richards once explained, "Twelve is my maximum, six is my specialty."

The Stones have five songs in the (now dated, but still interesting) VH-1 100 list, but the Beatles lead all bands with nine. Their best, Hey Jude, came in at Number 9. Aretha Franklin's soulful Respect came in second and Led Zeppelin's FM classic Stairway to Heaven, was third.

The Top 100 tunes, which "rocked - and often changed - the world," were voted on by performers, songwriters, producers, and radio DJs.

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